Energize – $200

Fit Man
Man Getting Singlet Oxygen Therapy

The Energize Package includes the incredibly well-rounded Bio Energize Infusion, relaxing and recharging Electron Foot Bath, and a peaceful Singlet oxygen therapy. All three of these are complete at the same time so that you can get in and get out as fast as possible with as much as possible!

Revitalize – $210

Woman In Meditation
The word revitalize means “with new life and vitality”. How can we help you Sleep Better? Stressless and start feeling better? It’s time to be Revitalize and feel your young self again! Combining our signature infusion the Bio Revitalize, with two deeply relaxing and restoring treatments to optimize your relaxation and help calm your nervous system!

Optimize – $220

Lymphatic ST

Train harder ~ Perform better ~ Recover faster ~ Utilize our cutting edge tools

This package includes a 30 min relaxing lymphatic treatment on the ST-8 to flush out toxins and clear up some space for the EWOT to enhance the body’s oxygen-carrying ability. This 45 min therapy is followed up with the Bio-optimize infusion which is packed full of amino acids and vitamins to replenish and rejuvenate.