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Biolounge and ACBM combined to make
Arizona’s #1 Biohacking and IV Therapy Center.
Using the latest technology to enhance
your body’s ability to perform optimally.

Come Experience the Cell Circuit to
Recharge Your Personal Cell Battery

Experience an easy, well-rounded, combination of innovative
therapies to help your body feel better from the inside out!

Don’t Let Chronic Pain
Keep You Down

Our Bio Ozone can boost healing, decrease
inflammation, and so much more!

Turn Back Time & Defy Aging

NAD+ Therapy has many benefits, including
reversing the signs of aging

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Cell Circuit

Activate and recharge your vitality with our four-step Cell Circuit program, which takes less than an hour!


We offer a variety of treatments and services to ensure optimal health!


Feel better instantaneously with one of our custom IV therapy options


In need of an extra boost? We have a variety of options to help you!

Why The Biolounge

The BioLounge is one of the most advanced Biological Medicine and Biohacking Technology centers today. Our team of experts delivers unparalleled data-driven, world-class care.

We offer an extensive selection of IV therapy options as well as many cutting-edge technologies to help optimize and enhance the body’s ability to recover and perform at its highest potential.

About Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot


Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot NMD, has been one of the leading physicians in Biological Medicine for over 25 years. His abundance of knowledge on the physiology and biochemistry of the body has touched countless numbers of clients searching for help. Dr. Drobot has been able to help many clients left hopeless because Western Medicine was unable to help them find the relief and answers they needed to live a happy healthy life.

Biolounge is proud to call their leader one of the most integrative, and well rounded physicians.

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What’s Our Clients Say about Us

Tammy W

When I have felt a decline in my health, I have scheduled Vitamin IV therapy with Biolounge. Megan, with her confident yet gentle touch, is masterful in her ability to insert the IV with no ‘pain’ or discomfort. I am 62 years old, I have six children and 15 grandchildren and I want to have energy and strength so that I can play with them! If I am plagued with fatigue, a sore throat, or flu-like symptoms, I will go see Megan for an IV. After my treatment and a good night’s sleep, I am back to 100%! I highly recommend Biolounge and their vast knowledge and other therapy options

Dominic D

After a long week of flying, I like to pop in to the Biolounge and get a Travel and Jet Lag Cocktail with an extra oxygen treatment to replenish all of the nutrients in my body. With all of the vitamins this IV provides, I am able to stay healthy while I fly. I highly recommend this place to help you stay healthy

Martha Deam

The therapies at the Biolounge along with lifestyle changes I have implemented have made an incredible difference in my life. When I first came her I began doing the Lymph Flow Presso and could practically feel my body release some major congestion that I had no idea was part of my life long struggle. The nurses at the Biolounge took such great care of me and educated me on the importance of many of the therapies in my health journey and I have learned so much!